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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mutual benefits for both advertisers and bloggers at "Smorty"

Blogs are becoming an attraction for advertisers, as "blog advertising" has become the first choice for them. People are attacked by ads everywhere, so normal or banner advertising doesn't produce the results, advertisers expect. Blog provide a good way of advertising, as people tend to read blog and blog posts with interest.

Same way bloggers get some money for their efforts. And as I have noticed your blog also get links from search engines, as you write/review about related topics at your blog.

"Smorty" is one of the sites which provide get paid to blog opportunities for bloggers.
Rules to register are as follows:

- Your blog should be approved first to get the opportunites.
- Your blog must be indexed by Google and Yahoo
- It should be older than 3 months
- It should have minimum histroy to 2 posts per week.
- The lowest rate per review is $6.00
- You are paid (in case of your review is approved)after one week via paypal.
Check the faq section to know more about it.
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