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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Know if Your Child Has Any Learning Disability and Deal with It?

When children have learning problems, their parents are usually the first to notice that something is just not right. Teachers often notice a child having trouble in their class. This post helps you learn about ‘learning disability’, early and warning signs, and as usual bottom of the page has resources section. I hope that earlier you notice any learning disability sign among a child, it is easier to deal with it as a parent or teacher.

"A learning disability is a neurological disorder. In simple terms, a learning disability results from a difference in the way a person’s brain is "wired." Children with learning disabilities are as smart or smarter than their peers. But they may have difficulty reading, writing, spelling, reasoning, recalling and/or organizing information if left to figure things out by themselves or if taught in conventional ways."

Common learning disabilities include Dyslexia, Dysculculia, Dysgraphia, Auditory and Visual Processing Disorders, and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities etc.

Read more: How to Know if Your Child Has Any Learning Disability and Deal with It?
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