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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Effective behavior management in classrooms

We start our new school year getting a personal profile of each student entering in our classroom. On the basis of that personal profile we set up a strategy guide which helps us to treat new students. Few students having behavior problems are always a challenge for educators. We try our best to adopt the effective behavior management strategies in classrooms to acquire best learning environment.
Recently I found some effective behavior management strategies which I am quoting here. I am including lease effective behavior management strategies as well because personally I found that we need to know the difference between effective or ineffective strategies for better classroom management.

The most effective behavior management strategies include:
  • Establishing classroom rules and routines
  • Accommodating individual instructional needs by individualizing tasks and instruction praising or encouraging appropriate student behavior
  • Using verbal cues and prompts
  • Modeling appropriate behavior
  • Communicating regularly with students through conversations, notes or journals
The least effective behavior management strategies, according to special education teachers, are:
  • Sending a student to the principal's office for bad behavior
  • Giving detention
  • Having a class meeting to discuss problem behaviors or rewarding students with a point system for good behavio
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