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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Get the answer of your questions at "WikiAnswers"

Everybody have some questions at some times, and people who have internet are lucky to get the answers by just writing their questions in the search box and clicking it. Within seconds you are taken to hundreds and evern thousands of relevant sites, where the topic is discussed.

I use the google search engine for the purpose and despite of the fact that it takes hours to check different links for proper answer of my inquiry, I get the answer of my inquiry. But there are some helping sites at the net where you can save your time by just submitting your question and getting specific result within seconds.

WikiAnswers is one of the site, where people from all walks of life share their knowledge. This site is equally helpful for teachers, and students.

Some facts about the site:
* 346,772 free members are now working on 1,001,250 questions.
* According to analysis using ComScore data, WikiAnswers is second-fastest growing domain of the top 1,500 Web domains. For the first nine months of this year, WikiAnswers unique monthly visitor count in the U.S. has grown 317%, to over four million.

* According to a very recent report, WikiAnswers, has reached one million questions.
* To date, WikiAnswers currently contains over 2,100 categories of questions.

Mission of the site:

"Their mission is to grow a collaborative answers resource. In WikiAnswers, anyone, anywhere, is encouraged to ask a question on any topic and get a cooperatively written human-generated answer. We believe that two heads truly are better than one, and together we can provide fuller, richer answers.

Everyone has knowledge to share, whether it's about health insurance, digital cameras or the meaning of life. Everyone should have the opportunity to contribute their expertise with the world, and on WikiAnswers that opportunity is free and available for the curious to explore."

* Speciality of WikiAnswers is about creating a collaborative directory of questions and answers. They encourage everyone to add to and improve each other's answers instead of asking and answering the same questions over and over again.

* Anybody can contribute, any knowledge, to help answer other people's questions

To start:

1. Sign up and be recognized for your expertise. Sign up link

2. Ask a question on anything you're curious about. Ask a question link

3. Answer a question with your relevant, accurate knowledge of the topic. Answer a question link

4. Improve others' answers if you have relevant, accurate information to add. Improve others answers


Ask a question right now via this search box!

Ask a question:

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