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Friday, November 2, 2007

Review: helping you makes the internet safe for you!

Many days ago, a parent asked me that she wanted to have internet access at home, but feared that her teenage son might misuse it. At that time I was not sure about if there are sites to help parents helping the parents and teens for safe internet use. But I was happy to get link to many sites, which provide sufficient stuff for safe use of internet.

When creating this blog, this topic came first in my mind that I would be reviewing the site about “learning to use internet safely” ,SafeKids is the first site I am reviewing here. Where parents, teachers and teenagers can learn how to use internet safely.

SafeKids provides you information about the dangers of children using the internet. Rules, advice, and tips relating to child security and the web. This site can be considered family guide which helps us in making the internet and technology safe and productive.

* Tips and tools section contains the topics:
* Child Safety on the Information Highway
* Video & Audio Slide Shows
* Kids Rules for Online Safety
* Safe Blogging Tips for Teens
* Guidelines for Parents
* Family Contract for Online Safety
* Chat Room Safety
* Think Safety When Posting Online Video
* Privacy Issues

Every topic takes you to another article window where it is discussed in detail.
This part of the site provides you new articles update.
I want to write tips from one of the article. I have chosen this article, because I know a lot of teens are taking interest in having an online diary (blog) which is very easy to create.
Safe Blogging Tips for Teens:
• Be as anonymous as possible. Avoid postings that could enable a stranger to locate you. That includes your last name, the name of your school, sports teams, the town you live in, and where you hang out.
• Protect your info. Check to see if your service has a “friends” list that allows you to control who can visit your profile or blog. If so, allow only people you know and trust. If you don’t use privacy features, anyone can see your info, including people with bad intentions.
• Avoid in-person meetings. Don’t get together with someone you “meet” in a profile or blog unless you are certain of their actual identity. Although it’s still not risk-free, if you do meet the person, arrange the meeting in a public place and bring some friends along.
• Photos: Think before posting. What’s uploaded to the Net can be downloaded by anyone and passed around or posted online pretty much forever. Avoid posting photos that allow people to identify you (for example, when they’re searching for your high school), especially sexually suggestive images. Before uploading a photo, think about how you’d feel if it were seen by a parent/grandparent, college admissions counselor, or future employer.
• Check comments regularly. If you allow them on your profile or blog, check them often. Don’t respond to mean or embarrassing comments. Delete them and, if possible, block offensive people from commenting further.
• Be honest about your age. Membership rules are there to protect people. If you are too young to sign up, do not attempt to lie about your age. Talk with your parents about alternative sites that may be appropriate for you.
Source link: Safe Blogging Tips for Teens
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