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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"About the kids"- A foundation helping nurture the lives of children!

"About The Kids Foundation" operates exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. The organization aims to help nurture the lives of children academically, as well as improve their home life, by providing children and their parents a useful one-stop information resource for:

* Homework Assistance
* Creative Entertainment
* Health Resources
* Family Law Resources
* Parenting Advice

Children and their parents have a safe place to find highly rated and relevant information about educational topics, homework assistance, how to improve parenting skills, family law, legal resources and much more. It is our hope that the website will provide some of the key tools to help children grow up to be happy and successful adults.

Established in January 2003, The Foundation’s website currently contains approximately 7,000 prescreened internet links that provide useful information for parents and kids.

"The Internet has become a tool for our everyday lives, but parents and kids need resources they can trust for quality information," said Joseph Ekman, founder of the Foundation. "Many websites give information on math, reading, science and other subjects, but which ones can parents and kids go to and trust for valuable information - not just slick promotions and pop-up ads? For parents and children that are serious about learning, we’ve done the research and developed a resource you can rely on."

About the

* Kids resources pages provides links to many sites, which are safe and useful, covering many topics.

* Parenting sites
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