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Monday, December 17, 2007

Read and download FREE e-books!

You would be surprise to know that internet has 1 million free electronic books. Reading lovers who enjoyed reading and downloading free e-books from "World eBook Fair", which was held from July to August4th-2007.

World eBook Fair grants you free access to a variety of 1/3 million free eBooks that you can download for personal use, for the month from July 4 - August 4, 2006.
In the following years, they plan free access to 1/2 million eBooks in 2007, 3/4 million in 2008, and ONE million in 2009.

Visit the World eBook Fair, World eBook Fair, July 4th to August 4th 2008 to download for FREE your sellection of One Million eBooks.

Project Gutenberg has been joined by The World Public Library and Digital Pulp Publishing, Internet Archive, along with Jim Baen [R.I.P.], in the creation
of The World eBook Fair, providing you million of e-books free. Let's have more information about Project Gutenberg where you can still download and read FREE e-books.

Project Gutenberg: It is the first producer of FREE electronic books(ebooks). It has the first and largest single collection of free electronic books, or eBooks.
Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, invented eBooks in 1971 and continues to inspire the creation of eBooks and related technologies today.

According to WikiPedia-free encyclopedia "As of October 2007, Project Gutenberg claimed over 22,000 items in its collection, with an average of over fifty new e-books being added each week.

These are primarily works of literature from the Western cultural tradition. In addition to literature such as novels, poetry, short stories and drama, Project Gutenberg also has cookbooks, reference works and issues of periodicals. The Project Gutenberg collection also has a few non-text items such as audio files and music notation files. Most releases are in English, but there are also significant numbers in many other languages."

According to The Wall St. Journal, 10/29/91 report:
" Today There Are 1 Million Free Electronic Books On The Internet. In large part, this is the result of efforts by Project Gutenberg, and their 50,000+ volunteers, who have been creating just such collections of electronic library materials starting two decades before their word "Internet" ever appeared on the front page or cover story of any major modern media outlet."

Project Gutenberg has over 100,000 electronic books available, and the target audience they have in mind is 1.5% of the world in this decade, and 15% of the world in the next decade.
Don't laugh, 15% of the world is already on the Internet now. . . .
However, even at only 1.5%, that is 100 million people.
Just 1/2 of the current United States population. . . .
If we get the average one of those 100,000 eBooks to those 100,000,000 people we are targeting. . .that is TEN TRILLION eBOOKS!!!

Project Gutenberg has never received even one million dollars in total donations over all these years yet has given away ONE TRILLION dollars worth of eBooks at just 10 cents a copy for 10 trillion eBooks.

Don't forget to "Visit the World eBook Fair,, July 4th to August 4th 2008 to download for FREE your sellection of One Million eBooks."

World eBook Fair
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