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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Review: "Enchanted Mind"--helping you to be more creative!

I believe that God has given the gift of self improvement to every human. Creativity is one of the talent, which can be developed as well, but how to do it?

Enchanted Mind is designed to help anyone, from age 5 to 105, to develop your latent creativity and have fun in the process.
Creativity explained at the site:

"Creativity is an attitude that can be cultivated and expanded. Once you have learned how to maintain a creative attitude, you can apply it to anything you set your mind to. The way to develop a creative attitude is to stretch and stimulate the mind daily to keep it flexible and resilient."

In their own words:

"Everyone has latent creativity waiting to unfold. Add flexibility to your mind with these simple techniques.

Science has speculated that we are using 10% of our brain capacity. If you want to access and cultivate that other 90% of unrealized potential, read on.

Expanding your brain and mind will accelerate your creative potential. Everyone has natural creative talent. We can help you unfold and expand your creativity through simple fun techniques."

Enchanted Mind has a lot of informative and interesting articles. I have taken a part of an article which might be interesting for all:

"Life magazine ran an article in July of 1994 about a group of nuns that were in their 80's, 90's and centenarians. All of these women were alert, articulate and showed no signs of Alzheimer's disease or any other form of mental degeneration. Why? They said they loved to do puzzles every day. They exercised their minds daily. This article focused on the fact that we think by creating dendrite connections in the neural pathways of the brain. Neurologically this is called "use dependent plasticity." If we don't continue to create new neural connections, the brain will begin to atrophy."

Link to the article: Attributes

Enchanted learning has a lot of link pages but better to check the Site map link first.

The site provides link to other creativity related sites: Great creativity sites
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