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Monday, March 17, 2008

Review: "Ashop Commerce"- provider of e-commerce software

As blogs are becoming popular to internet users, more blogs are being created. According to Technorati, currently there are 51.8 Million weblogs and the blogosphere continues to double about every 6 months. Bloggers are now interested in monetizing their blogs. Many bloggers prefer to place ads on their blogs, and many like to sell products at their blogs.

Now selling online has become very easy by using shopping cart software, which can help anyone to sell online. It is mainly a shopping cart software, offering you to create online selling place at your blog or site.

"Ashop Commerce" has provided this software, which is so easy to use that you don't need to know HTML language, or other IT related matters. Because you may get the full manual alongwith the software. You are provided live support from the site. And even you are a blogger or site owner with no previous selling online experience, you are guided well to create your online store with the help of this (shopping cart)ecommerce software.

Check the frequently asked question page for more details.

Site is offering a 10 day FREE trial for shopping cart software.
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