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Monday, June 30, 2008

An ultimate resource for parents about child development and behavior

Internet is a rich source of information for teachers or parents in terms of guidance, tips, advice and expert suggestions. Every parent needs guidance on kid's development and behavior.

Your child is a site from University of Michigan Medical School and this site is especially designed for parents as a guide to internet iformation on kids development and behavior.


"YourChild: Development and Behavior Resources is a Web site for parents. It is a clearinghouse for comprehensive information on children's development and behavior. We aim to help parents navigate the overwhelming amount of information available on the Internet and provide parents a means to link up with support groups, agencies, organizations, and other tools and resources. YourChild is a resource parents can trust, because University of Michigan experts have evaluated all our information and links."

What you can get from the site?

- Lots of parenting and child development and behavior resources:

- Information to help you better understand your child's development and behavior
Links to support groups so you can find other parents going through the same things as you

- Links to agencies and organizations that may be able to assist you
Recommended books

- Other helpful tools and resources

- Commentary from the YourChild team on controversial or important topics of the day

- Featured links to information about timely topics

- A guide to using the Internet to find the best and most reliable information about parenting and child development

Another source for parents:

* Center for effective parenting provides lot of information for parents and educators.

* A lot of printable PDF files on many topics:
parenting handouts
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