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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Art teaching ideas for art teachers

Creating an atmosphnere of creativity for art or drawing classes is important because you have control over what you want to teach to your students. In nursery class, I let my students to do drawing or art at their own way, and soemtimes the results were amazing. Last year a girl draw a sky or cloud like picture. I asked the student 'what you have drawn?'. Her answer was quite interesting, she said: "dream!

These few ideas or tips can help the art teachers to get new ideas for art, or drawing classes.

For example "Drawing emotions" offers these tips:

1) Discuss emotions with the class. What emotions are there?

2) Ask the class what these emotions feel like? Do they feel nice or horrible? What is their favourite emotion?

3) Ask the class to choose one emotion and draw or paint what they think that emotion looks like. Get them to think about what kind of colour that emotion might be.

4) When the children have made their pictures, compare those pictures which portray the same emotion. Do the children's pictures have similarities?

5) Discuss the kinds of colours we associate with emotion (red = anger, green = jealousy, white = peace etc.). Do any of these colours appear in the children's pictures?

- Feelings Flowers - A wonderful way of encouraging children to think about their feelings.

- Drawing Emotions - How can you draw an emotion? What does "happy" or "angry" look like?

- Name Designs - Use this simple procedure to create some fabulous designs, based on your own name.

- Our Lives so Far... - A great Art activity, illustrating key points in the lives of your class.

- Making Personal Flags - Make flags which represent each child in your class in a unique way. An excellent way to decorate your classroom.

- Draw a Story - Draw the events of a story on a storyboard, and get another child to make up the text.

- Observing in Detail - Activities designed to get children to look at things more closely.

- Activity Cards - A set of activity cards to base lessons on or to use as imaginative time filler activities for children who finish their work early.

- Craft Activities Pdf file - A selection of craft activities which can be used as part of work on lots of other concepts.

There are more activities and ideas at the source link page.

- source link
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