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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Get Online Protection With Internet Filtering Software

I am happy to share this information to all parents who want to protect their children from offensive online content. We need to look for the stuff which could help us regarding safe use of internet.

I am personally using this software from the day I realized that my son has started using search engine for online free video games. And I am aware that these kind of sites are also not safe. So the best solution was to install filtering web protection software which could help me in this regard. The first benefit I found was that if you install it on your computer then nobody can browse offensive sites, as it protects your computer from inappropriate content and contact.

Sometimes I can't check the history of internet browsing, if I am not at home, but this software offers me full control over searching histroy. I was not sure if the software I am going to use is a free trial or a full version unless I install it. It is totally FREE for personal use.

More about the software

Blue Coat Systems offers the software "K9 Web Protection" which is an internet filtering software.

This software requires an administrator password. No one can uninstall it or change settings unless they know this password. With this software you can view internet activity. This page gives you an overview of the internet activity of everyone who uses the computer. With this you are able to see the category summary of what categories have been accessed and what categories have been blocked and why. This page also shows when K9 has been updated and if there has been any failed attempts to login to the system.

On the Setup Page you decide what kind of protection level you desire.
Protection levels include high, default, moderate, minimal, monitor, and custom.

- High protects against all default-level categories plus chat, newsgroups, and un-rated sites. Default protects against all adult content, security threats, illegal activity, sexually-related sites, and online community sites.
- Moderate protects against all adult content, security threats, and illegal activity. Minimal protects against pornography and security threats. Monitor allows all categories and only logs traffic.
- Custom is used when you want to select you own set of categories to block. There are numerous categories to choose from and I found the list to be helpful and complete when choosing what to allow on my family computer.

To use this software you will need a license key. Simply fill in the blanks on the page given here and they'll email it to you.

Get K9 Web Protection
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