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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Learn the proper way to write letters

Letter writing is a process of showing your emotions, your feelings and your intentions. You can show your gratitude by writing thank you letters, but you need to learn the proper way to write a letter. Tutorial based tips, ideas and sample letter provided by 'Thank You Letter' site can help you a lot.

Here are few tips about writing 'thank you letters' from the site:

Both business and personal Thank You letters should be written with tact, sincerity
and sensitivity.

Sending Thank You letters: It is important to promptly send out a thank your letter. Take steps to send your thank you letter as soon as possible (within 24
hours) after you get through that particular business or personal situation. It
shows that you are sending your positive sincerity. On the contrary a delayed
thank you letter will seem like a binding afterthought to the reader.

Write appropriate content: Make sure you are writing a thank you letter for an
appropriate occasion or an event. A thank you letter for a regular task dilutes its importance and does not make sense. Same way a generic letter with regular
words and tones will show your laziness and your activity would be considered a
general routine. Therefore, write noteworthy points about the event for which
you are thanking.

Remind the audience: Begin your letter by introducing that you are writing a simple Thank you letter pertaining to a specific person and event or situation. Don’t leave your audience guess what you are writing about.

Write to the point and be brief: Thank you letters should not exceed one page and
address direct points with sincerity. Use typewritten letters for business purposes. Personal letters can be either handwritten or typed. Thank you letters
are always written to a person. Make it personal.

Not only thank you letters but you can get sample letters in these categories:

  • Business letters
  • Hardship letters
  • Holiday Letters
  • Invitations
  • Job Letters
  • Love Letters
  • Missing you letters
  • Resignation letters
  • Sales Letters
  • Sample Cover letters
  • Special Occasions letters

Useful links and other site links:

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* 'Writing Help Central' offers tips, advice, pointers, information and templates for all types of personal, business, and educational writing.
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