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Friday, April 16, 2010

Learn to be a great teacher

Do you think that the profession you have adopted suits you best and you are doing justice to your profession? I believe that education is a noble profession and it is my opinion that you should be an educator if you really love to teach.

What are the qualities a great teacher should have or learn? There are no specific rules, but devotion to your profession is the most important thing which can help you be a good or best teacher. There are many tips which you are get from other teachers or online resources like 'So You Want To Teach'.

'So you want to teach' is an educational blog from a teacher who has a mission to be a great teacher. The blog is reflection of Joel's (the blogger and teacher) ongoing story of his quest for educational excellence. There are many topics which may attract other teacher's attention like: 'Classroom Management, New Teacher & Student Teacher Tips, Total Teacher Transformation, Why Do Teachers Quit? and more. I hope that this blog is helpful for established or new teachers who want to learn more about this profession.

Few popular post titles are:

1. 9 Reasons To Quit Teaching (And 10 Reasons To Stick)
2. 5 Character Traits Of Great Teachers
3. How Do I Keep My Students Quiet?
4. 5 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers
5. The Single Most Important Advice Anyone Can Give To A First Year Teacher
6. Do What You Can
7. 25 Free Apps And Websites For Tech-Loving Teachers
8. Habit 2: Classroom Procedures
9. 50 Reasons To Love Your Job As A Teacher

There are over 400 posts on the site so it would be time consuming to look for specific topics so better to go to the link:

* 20 Classic SYWTT Articles And Series
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