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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Download millions of free ebooks at 'World eBook Fair'

Get ready to download millions of free ebooks from internet and there is no hidden cost, no membership or registration cost. You just need to bookmark the 'World eBook Fair' site to start downloading your favorite ebooks in July. Teachers, parents, students, scholars, researchers have a good chance of having access to online ebooks for free during one month.

'World eBook Fair Organization has announced that " 5th 'World eBook Fair' is going to be held from July 4th to August 4th 2010 ".

The 'eBook Fair Organization says :

'Our goal is to provide Free public access for a month to 3 Million eBooks.'

Details are:

The 5th Annual World eBook Fair will offer about Three (3) Million titles.

from Project Gutenberg
from The World Public Library
from The Internet Archive
from eBooks About Everything
from IMSLP

Grand Total

Brief History of The World eBook Fair

Just two years ago The First World eBook Fairs came on the scene with about 1/3 million books and doubled to 2/3 million in 2008, and over a a million and a quarter presented last year. This year 2010 it is '3 Million eBooks'

Michael S. Hart who is the founder of Project Gutenberg and co-Founder of World eBook Fair says:

"There aren't even a million Kindles or Sony's, but there are now ~4 1/2 billion cell phones-- which means the possibility of reading readers via cellphones is larger than any other media.

The cell phone is the wave of the future, not, I repeat, NOT the Kindle or Sony approach, for they are only targeting millions, and I should like very much to reach billions of people.

More eBooks In More Languages

Obviously to reach billions of readers we have to present the eBooks in more languages than a simple Top Six list such as:


Did you know there are 250 languages with over a million speakers?

In this collection of 2.5 million eBooks we're trying to reach readers in over half of these. Well, that's the goal. . .I hope we make it!!!"

During the rest of the year you can continue to download your selection of about 750,000 PDF eBooks by joining the "World Public Library".
Annual membership is only $8.95 per year.

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