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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Learn the basics of calligraphy online with free tutorials

Calligraphy is generally recognized as the Art of Beautiful Writing. It is also called typography. You can easily learn calligraphy with some practice at home while getting online help. There are many sites which offer free tutorials to start learning calligraphy. You can start learning with simple writing instruments or tools and paper.

You can also buy calligraphy bools and tools, stationary to start this fascinating hobby. It can be catagorized as an art form involving a lot of creativity. The more creative you are and enthusiastic about colour, shapes, designs you can be a good calligrapher with some practice.

There are many different ways of writing the letters of the alphabet.
In Typography these various representations are referred to as Fonts, in Calligraphy the various styles are referred to as Hands.

The primary tools used by Calligraphers to write are pens and brushes, pens and brushes can be either pointed or flat (broad).

Generally Calligraphy refers to a style of writing in which the width of various parts of a letter varies.

In the case of pointed pens or brushes these variations in thickness are provided by variations in pressure of the pen or brush on the paper.

With flat, or as they are usually referred to broad, pens or brushes, the variations are given by the variation of the angle at which the pen is held relative to the direction of the stroke.

Useful links and resources:

* 'Calligraphy online lessons'
Note: Lessons are not complete as you are asked to buy cd for the detailed lessons or course. But still the information at few pages are enough to start learning calligraphy.

* 'Learn' is the best place to start learning Calligraphy. Includes the basics, calligraphy alphabet, calligraphy history, how to begin, etc. Very useful.

* Learn How to Draw Beautiful Lettering - offers online basic Calligraphy lesson to get started.

* Decorative Calligraphy - Many great articles for learning about calligraphy, the different styles, and how to get started.

* 'Studio arts' offers basic three part lesson helping you learn how to start learning this fun and art form of writing.
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