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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prophet stories for kids- Prophet Nuh (alayhis salam)

Muslims identify the Prophets of Islam as those humans chosen by Allah (God) and given revelation to deliver to mankind. We muslims believe that every prophet was given a belief to worship God and their respective followers believed it as well.
Each prophet  preached the same main belief of worshiping Allah and in the avoidance of idolatry and sin. Prophet Noah or Nuh (alayhis salam) was among one of those prophets. It is a true, interesting and moral story to tell the kids about a prophet who created a big boat. When I tell this story to kids and after few days I ask 'Can you tell me the name of prophet who made a big boat?' and they quickly answer me 'Prophet Nuh (AS)

Prophet Nuh (alayhis salam)

Nuh (alayhis salam) lived many years after Adam (alayhis salam). The people with whom Nuh (alayhis salam) lived refused to listen to him. When he said that they should worship only Allah (Ta'ala) and do good, they paid no attention.

Nuh (alayhis salam) told them they would be severely punished for ignoring him and the message he brought from Allah. Even so, the people did not believe what Nuh (alayhis salam) told them.

They laughed at him and said, "You are only a man like us. Only poor, weak people believe you. If you are telling truth, then show us the punishment you threaten. You are nothing but a liar!"
"I do not want anything from you," Nuh (alayhis salam) answered, "and I shall never send away the poor or the weak. As far as the punishment is concerned, Allah will bring it upon you whenever he pleases. Dont imagine you can stop Allahs plans!"
Nuh (alayhis salam) was both sad and angry that people would not heed his message. But Allah informed Nuh (alayhis salam) that he should not feel this way. There was much more important work to do. Nuh (alayhis salam) must build a big ship.
Prophet Nuh (alayhis salam) was commanded to build a big ship/Ark, In obedience to Allahs instructions, Nuh (alayhis salam) began to build the ship on land. The people who saw it when they were passing made fun of him and his ship.

But Nuh (alayhis salam) had a warning for them. "You are making fun of us now," he said, "but soon we will know who has to suffer the severe punishment!" When the ship was completed, it started to rain without ceasing and the waters on earth began to rise. Allah (subhanahu wa Ta'ala) told Nuh (alayhis salam) to go into the ship, together with his family and all his friends who believed. Nuh(alayhis salam) should also take one male and female from each kind of animal on earth.

Nuh (alayhis salam) did as he was told and then he said, "In the name of Allah, we shall now sail away, and when the time is right, we shall return again to the land."

It is said that the flooding lasted one hundred and fifty days. When the waters receded, the ark came to rest over Mount Ararat. The occupants of the ark came out and thanked the Lord for their miraculous survival. They then spread out to inhabit the Earth again with the blessings of their Lord.

You can read about Nuh (Alayhis Salam) in the Qur’an, Sura 7,Ayat 59-64; Sura 11,Ayat 25-49; Sura 26,Ayat 105-122; Sura 54,Ayat 9-15; and Sura 71,Ayat 1-28.

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