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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Recycling used text books and saving bucks

Recycling used text book is a good way to save few bucks. The recycling process can also help us save energy, water and landfill space.
If you don't want to donate or recycle your text books then you can also sell these books.
I usually donate those old books to other child. And from few years, I ask for used text books from other parents. Parents can help each other in this process of recycling. It is not only good for environment but a way of saving bucks.
Recycling tips:

  • Best way to recycle used text books is to communicate other parents or teachers around your community. Ask other parents for exchange of unused text books. 
  • Educators may encourage parents to grow a habit of recycling of used text books.
  • There are many online sites which can help students or parents, buying used text books at very cheap rates.
  • Donate to charities, public libraries or local schools. They can utilize your used books themselves or sell them for fundraising.
  • Check out BookMooch, which is an online community for exchanging used books. This site allows you to give away books you no longer need in exchange for books you really want. There is no cost to join or use their site; your only cost is mailing your books to others.
  • Paperback Swap is another site that lets you swap not only paperbacks, but also hardcover books, textbooks and more.
We also need to know can how we can save money buying used text books.

How about buying used books saving upto 90%?
'' is an online resource offering huge discounts on new and used college textbooks. Having over 7 million textbooks, these books are ready to ship.

Useful links:

10 Helpful Ways to Recycle Used Books
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