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Monday, July 9, 2012

Computer training- Using search engines to prepare resources and worksheets

Being an educator at any school means a lot to us. We educators get a lot of opportunities to participate in 'self development' training or workshops during whole year. After successful completion of a year, various training sessions or workshops are held to train all teachers. The purpose of these training or learning sessions is "skill development and become excellent teachers"
I was assigned to take a training session for early years teachers today.
The topic was, 'Using search engines to prepare resources and worksheets for classroom use/educational needs'.
15 teachers participated in this training. I prepared a 'Power Point Slide' to introduce the basics of search engines, keywords, searching tips etc. It was my pleasure to see that after watching slide teachers were enthusiastic to apply the knowledge practically.

I realized that teachers were more interested to create their own worksheets rather than editing available online documents.
An important question was asked which was about editing "PDF" files, or online certificates. I explained it that 'to edit PDF file but they might need to learn the use of software programs like 'Adobe illustrator' or 'Adobe Writer'.
'Fahima Tani' one of the participants, shared her knowledge of creating simple certificate with the help of  'Microsoft Power Point' which was amazing.

I learned from this training that 'sharing is the best way to get inspiration to grow faster and when you play a role of a teacher, you also learn from students as well.
I am sharing few pictures of the session and I appreciate comments regarding this training session.

Enthusiastic learners
Jazak Allah Khayer!
Those who still want to go through 'Power Point Slide' of this training can check this link:

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