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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Teachers training session "Effective Implementation of numeracy strategy in reception years"

Training sessions for teachers at our school are part of their yearly routines. Teachers are lucky to be in their best shape (as a teacher) due to having teaching training on regular basis. In our school, numeracy strategy was practically and successfully implemented few years ago. Many parents including new teachers joining early years recently needed basic training about 'Numeracy strategy'.
'what is numeracy strategy?' 
The simple answer of later question could be that 'It is activity based learning system which is being adopted and successfully implemented in Britain for years. In early years, children learn numeracy and mathematical skills through practical activities, games and tasks which have a real relevance and meaning in everyday life.

On Friday 7, December 2012 a training session was held to answer this important question.
Objective of this training was 'Effective implementation of numeracy strategy in early years'

Training was held from 9.00am to 11.15am. Number of teachers were 10, which were from Play Group (3 section), and Nursery (3 sections)          
Topic discussed during training session were:
  • Brief introduction and purpose of numeracy strategy
  • Introduction to numeracy hour (lesson plan)
  • Ideal lesson plan. Parts of lesson plan and timing allotted to each part i.e ‘objective, oral/mental starter, main, plenary etc
  • Role of rhymes and importance of activities (individual, pair or group).
  • Video watching (Numeracy related)
  • Suggest group or pair activities to implement ‘sample lesson plan’ (using flash cards, available resources etc)
  • Role of TA’s in class management while implementing numeracy strategy effectively.
I could not upload the training pictures. (I tried it but failed to do it)
Rest of the training stuff will be inshaa Allah shared in next post or may be I can edit this post later.
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