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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Award Leader Training of 'The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award'

Learning can be fun when it is integrated with play or leisure activities and creating links with real life situations. 'Earth House Alternative School' believes that leisure or extra curricular activities play a very important role in the development of life skills such as negotiation, communication, problem solving, presentation etc.As 'Earth House' aims to help children reclaim learning through investigation and play, it matches with the ideology of 'The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award'.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DEA) Foundation Bangladesh arranged a day Long Award Leader Training on Friday, 12 December 2014 held at 'Earth House Alternative School'. Purpose of this 'Award Leader Training was to explain award leader responsibilities practically, so that the participants could supervise the program smoothly and lead the Award participants efficiently in future.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Foundation, Bangladesh offers the world's most prestigious award for young people "The Duke of Edinburgh's Award" to Bangladesh. It is a compact self development program which facilitates young people (aged 14 – 25) to be more worthy of making and leading a better world. It also makes them be enough versatile to experience different tastes of various phases of life.

The purpose of getting involved in their award program is to develop skills, to grow personally and connect with others, through a range of new experiences. To discover own potential, focus interests, improve the abilities and do something one always wanted to do. To challenge oneself through leisure activities and voluntary service which can discover one's hidden abilities and gaining a sense of achievement.

Practical activities at outdoors were helpful to learn some tasks

Group work 

The training program provided opportunity to participate in mental, and physical activities
A group photo of all participants including the trainers at the end of program
Benefits of getting Duke of Edinburgh award:
  • Worldwide Recognition 
  • Helps in getting scholarships all over the world 
  • Helps in getting preference in job market worldwide 
  • Opportunity to attend different international programs both at home and abroad 
  • Involvement with international organizations 
  • International network of awardees 
  • Experience to deal with people of different levels and cultures
Students of age 14-25 can take part in  'The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award' program via their own school, or they may contact them directly.

Site link: The Duke of Edinburgh Award, Bangladesh

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